Time Remaining until the Start of the 60th Class of "60" Reunion! Particularly, those of you who missed the 50th or 55th!


Please logon to your account occasionally, place "no" in the area relating to the 55th and you can add info about your current location or activities..... If not on the web site,,,, send me your updated info and i'll enter it for sharing info on the web site. Let's keep it going until 2020. You can email me at


From Claudette attending the Reunion - 6/28/2015: Soooo! Since there were only two of us, they put us with the "Golden R " group. Next reunion, if you can inhale and exhale, show up!
OPEN INVITATION TO MEMBERS ATTENDING AND THOSE NOT ATTENDING today's reunion. We will be posting pictures today sent to us from those attending the reunion. For those of you not attending please join the Virtual Reunion by logging on to http://www.riponclassof1960.com using ID=JLS and PWD=JLS. Please enter information about your current location and activities. Then message a picture to me (John) at 703-395-3934 and I'll post it with your information (If you prefer to send a picture of your grandchildren or dog, please do so). The list of those contributing this year is located here and represents a total of $25,790. Way to go Class of 1960 (only 55 years ago!). Ask your grandchildren how to message a current picture...... or email me at mhammer@mikehammer.com

RIPON CLASSMATES: Thank you for responding to Deb's and my letter dated June 1 by either visiting our Website or returning the Green Card showing your interest in attending the 55th.

Click on the following links to see current activites for both those attending or not attending....

For those who are unable to attend I have appointed Jim Pierce as your delegate and am building a Virtual Reunion web site here where I hope you will share current information regarding yourself for the benefit of all.

Please go to your information page by clicking on your name in the class list and near the bottom you can indicate whether you are attending the reunion by saving a "yes" or "no" response to the question.

In the space called "Current Activites 2015" please answer these questions whether you are going to the reunion or not. This is for the benefit of all class members looking for an answer to ...." I wonder what "........" is doing these days?

  1. Where are You?
  2. What are you doing and how do you currently spend your time

Any information you want circulated soon or any suggestions for the web site, please send me an email at:

"Mike" John Hammer - mhammer@mikehammer.com


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Reunion Pic w/ names

Please review the list of those alums planning to attend our Reunion Dinner. If you on that list we look forward to seeing you at the Reunion. If you are not on the list, please reconsider; you still have until the 11th to make your reservation and pay on-line by clicking here.


We Proudly Dedicate this Site To The Memory of Dean Robert P. Ashley (Tennis Coach and Academic Dean)

Dean Ashley Shown 2nd Row Left with 1960 Graduates Dave Jennings and John Hammer

greased poleBulletin: The Greased Pole Fight has been postponed indefinately for lack of interest.

Assuming we might be able to generate interest between now and the reunion, we will tentatively re-schedule it for Saturday afternoon before the Tuscumbia dinner party i.e. 4:00pm

If you are interested, please contact any member of the Reunion Committee.

Note: The UMOC contest will take place immediately following the Greased Pole Fight.


Several enhancements have been recently made to our web site. Most of the links shown here require a password for entry. Be sure to log-in before taking a look at the following links:


The Agent Class Letter was mailed to all members of the Class of 1960 the last week in February. Contained in that letter is preliminary information regarding our reunion. Invitations for the Saturday Reunion Dinner at Tuscumbia were included in additon to a preliminary Schedule of the weekend events. Clicking on the links in this paragraph will take you to the pages on our web site that provide comparable or additonal information.



RIPON COLLEGE CLASS OF 1960...... FROM John "Mike" Hammer Class of '60' and Deb Johnson VanSlyke Class of '60'

The Reunion Committee: Mike Hammer, Coordinator; Deborah Johnson Van Slyke, Dave Fellingham, Ray Schiefelbein, Ed Siebel would like to invite you to spend a beautiful weekend with your fellow classmates and alumni from other classes. The weekend will be packed with exciting activities and events for alumni of all ages.


The web site is designed to be a resource for members of our class as we approach our 50th Reunion in 2010. We encourage every member of that class to be present for our Reunion weekend. Click here to view the comprehensive HELP page which can also be accessed by clicking on the Home Tab.

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